Top Speeder for Windows 10


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Top Speeder is a game in which you sit behind the wheel of fast cars. There are five vehicles. Each one is different in appearance and parameters. As you might guess our job is to drive to the finish line in first place. But it is not as easy as it might seem. At right is a green belt, acting as our energy. While all types of collisions and collisions, it is lost. If it drops to zero, we lose one of the three opportunities. In addition, time works against us. On the road lie various objects that are useful (nitro, extra time, etc.) or reduce (echidna or column). Also, watch for the stars, adding points. On the left side of the screen it states how much was still the route to the finish line. "Top Speeder" is a simple but decent production.  Minimum Requirements:  Processor: 200 MHz  RAM: 64 MB  Graphics card: not available  Free hard disk space: 15 MB  Sound Card: no data